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Complete Gutter Cleaning Service

We offer a full gutter and downspout checkup and cleaning service to ensure that your water management system is operating effectively. Our gutter experts will clean each gutter and downspout, checking for damage, leaks, and for common areas that occasionally need resealing. If further repairs are needed to keep your home safe we will let you know. We also offer separate roof cleaning, drip guard installation, and gutter protection services as well.

Why Keep My Gutters Clean?

Clean gutters are integral to protecting your home and your landscaping.

Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water, wet crawl spaces and cracked foundations. When unmanaged rain water seeps under the foundation and dries it expands and then shrinks the ground. As this repeatedly happens it causes the ground to shift, foundations to break, and major structural damage to follow. Other damage that can occur from clogged gutters are damage to paint, rotting fascia, soffits, siding and other wood framing. Damage can also occur to ceilings, and interior walls as water runs to the lowest point. These repairs can quickly become very costly. Routine gutter cleaning from our professional staff will ensure that your gutters and downspouts are free of debris, muck and leaves, so that water can flow where it needs to.

Why Oregon Gutter Service?

Anyone can clean gutters, but not everyone will know what to look for that signals potential damage to your home. The same is true about gutters as in most of life – you get what you pay for. Our experienced technicians will clean and evaluate your gutter system. Additionally, all of our technicians are professionally trained, insured, and follow our procedures to ensure their safety. You can relax in the comfort of your home, while we climb the ladders for you!

How Else Can I keep My Gutters Clean?

Are you looking for a gutter guard system, gutter protection system, or some other way to cover your gutters to keep them free of debris? Head over to our Gutter Protection page and learn more about our technology driven, quality tested, and consumer approved gutter cover solution: Standard Gutter Guard. Carefully engineered to allow water and polen in, but not pine needles, roof composite materials, and larger debris – we stand behind Standard Gutter Guard as the premiere gutter protection solution.